Sunday, 28 September 2008

Proud owner of two new awards!

Not only have I won a blog challenge, but Denise over at The Crafty Den has kindly given me two awards! Thanks a lot for thinking of me Denise, and thanks for being one of my super blogging friends!

I'd like to pass these awards onto a few talented and kind people who's blogs I love to visit:

Tracy (Ella Bella) (I know you're having a blogging hol at the mo but this is for when you come back)

Holly, who is a very talented little crafter(Holly's Blog)

Diane, who always has something new added whenever I visit her blog (Pink Sunflower)

Dawn, (Crafty Ramblings) who often pops by my blog to say hi

And of course straight back at you Denise!


Diane.W. said...

Aww,Fanx u!!! That is so nice of you to think of me,mwah!!! :o)x

ella bella said...

congratulations on receiving the awards and thank you so much for thinking of me and holly its made our day. :)
Tracy x

Dawn said...

Aww shelly - thanks so much for thinking of me - I appreciate it so much!

Heaps of hugs


The Crafty Den said...

No problem Shelley, I also count you as one of my super blogging friends!! Thanks for sending them back to me. Lots of love, Denise x