Friday, 5 February 2010

An Award!

I received a sweet award last week from my lovely friend Catherine. I've only "known" Catherine a few months through Blogland, she makes the most beautiful cards! Thanks so much for thinking of me! As part of this award I have to list ten things that I am thankful for and that make me happy... I must admit when I read Catherine's responses it made me think a lot of me, maybe because like Catherine I live in another country to my family and friends? Well, what am I thankful and happy about...

- Firstly I have to mention my hubby... he's very tolerant of my crafting obsession and even encourages it. Living far away from my family and friends he'll go to great lengths to cheer me up when I'm feeling down, and I have to admit he's the main "buyer" of my crafty stash (he knows it makes me happy).

- Thankful to have a nice warm roof over my head (especially at this time of year - I can't imagine what it must be like to be homeless).

- Thankful that I have a loving family and friends who care.

- My little cat makes me so happy (he purrs - a LOT), he's so loving and is a real character... my mam says he's part human!

- I love crafting, I'm so lucky to have a craftroom where I can shut myself away and think nothing but creative thoughts (at least for an hour or two). Not forgetting the lovely crafters I've met through Blogland!

- Seeing the first spring flowers makes me happy.

- When Newcastle United win (we're winning 4 - 0 tonight)!

- The fact that I can speak fluent French... it helps living in France!

- When I travel the very LONG journey "home" (I'll always call it that) and see the Angel of the North... I know I'm almost there!

- "Comfort" fabric softener... I know I'm wierd... but it makes me think of "home".

I'd like to pass this award onto lots of people... although I'm sure some people have already had this... so I shall pass it onto four lovely, talented ladies who regularly visit my blog...





Just copy and paste the award. In your post, mention who gave it to you with a link to my blog, list 10 things that you are thankful for and make you happy and give the award to the friends of your choice !


Rose Petal said...

Hiya Shelly. Bless you sweetie for thinking of me, you are really kind. You have been visiting me since just after I started my blog, so I thank you very much for always visiting.
Take care and keep warm. Many thanks Shelly.
Love Sandra xx

Pretty-In-Ink said...

Congrats on your award Shelly.
It was lovely to find out a bit more about you, what a lovely hubby you've got!