Saturday, 1 November 2008

New Look Blog but NO Crafting!

It's Halloween night and as I've had NO (yep you heard right) Trick or Treating going on I decided to have a bit play with my blog. I had started to get bored with the look of my blog and wanted to change the header too, even though I adored the little kitten on it (he's hiding in the sidebar for a bit). So I went for a bit of a colourful combination seeing as the gloom of winter is fast approaching; not sure if I like it all that much, haven't decided yet. Anyway, it's a change, for the time being.

On the crafting/cardmaking front, I haven't done any cards for a few days (a miracle for me), I've been really busy at work and have been to Paris for a few days (work not pleasure - sob, sob...) so just haven't had the energy or creativity to do a card. I'm gonna have to get on with one tomorrow though as I'm invited to a 25th Birthday party, betta get my thinking cap on! I'll try to be back soon with the card!

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