Saturday, 4 October 2008

The Day After!

Well, it's official, my friends are now Mr & Mrs (or should I say Mr et Mme)! All went well, even the sun came out! The bride looked lovely in a gorgeous burgandy gown (no white or ivory here). After the ceremony we ate and ate some more (there was a whopping 6 courses) and then we boogied until the early hours! My feet were killing me in my strappy, heeled sandals (why do we insist in torturing ourselves for the sake of fashion???). I had a fab time but I have to admit that I was happy when my head hit the pillow! Félicitations Shannon & Patrice!


Diane.W. said...

Glad you enjoyed & boogied,lol!!! :o)x

ella bella said...

pleased you had a fabulous time Shelly it sounds wonderful
Tracy x