Saturday, 30 January 2010

My Name In Print!

I've some really exciting news which I've had to keep under wraps until now! I was asked a few months back if I'd do an interview or "Reportage" for Passion Cartes Créatives which is a national french card making magazine. Of course I jumped at the chance, it's not everyday I get my name on the cover of a magazine! The article describes my passion for card making, a little about my life in France, and my little cat Réglisse also has a staring role (he even has his photo in the mag). If you're interested in reading the article, you can find it here (click on "Reportage PC9)...
Reportage PC9

I'm really chuffed with the article, the magazine have done a great job! Even my mug shot doesn't look so bad (I hate my photo being taken).


Louby said...

Wow Shelly IN PRINT Woo Woo, well done you, Really wish I could speak and read french but it's a huge article isn't it. It's a beautiful photo of you and now I know what you look like I can put a face to your name. Lots of lovely card designs on it too. Brilliant.
Louby x

Catherine said...

Wonderful Shelly ! I am so happy for you ! It's all well deserved sweetie ! Mes felicitations ! Lots of hugs and smiles from Catherine

Lyndsey Marie said...

Hi Shelly,
Congrats your a star!!!!. Popped over to have a look at piece. Couldnt read a work of it but your piccy & the pics of your cards look fabulous. Very chuffed for you!!!!
Lyndsey xx

Babykathiana said...

Oui le magasine vient tout juste d'arriver dans ma boîte au lettre et j'ai découvert ton blog de cette manière! J'ai remarqué que tu utilises des promarkers moi aussi. Cela fait quelque temps que j'ai découvert cette marque et que j'en suis devenue fan! J'avais encore juste un soucis c'est que l'encre stazon bave quand je passe dessus. Dans ton interview tu as répondu a une question que je me posais :Quelle encre utiliser? Je vais tester la Memento. Je suis impressionnée car ta collection de penny black!! Moi je suis plutot Magnolia, sugar Nellie mais je resiste encore à cette marque mais pour combien de temps encore?... J'ai également un blog de challenge de carteri si tu veux venir y faire un tour le voici : Bisous Babykathiana