Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Driving me ROUND the bend!!!

Arrrrgggggghhhhh! I've been looking all over the www this afternoon for some "ROUND" sentiments but just can't find what I want! I want to put one on a card I've nearly finished but was hoping to get a download somewhere, stamps are fab but take time to arrive! I've seen some on the Funky Fairys Papercrafts website which are nice, but they don't have a big selection! Honestly it's driving me round the bend! I've seen lots of cards with these type of sentiments on them, where do you all get them from? Please can anyone put me out of my misery?


Diane.W. said...

Hi Shelly,hope you are well.
Have you tried
They have loads of round sentiments :o)x

Lyndsey Marie said...

Hi Shelly, what are you after. I have designed loads of my own after not being able to find what I wanted. May have something you are looking for that I could email you over.
Lyndsey xx

Lyndsey Marie said...
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