Friday, 28 August 2015

Little Green Monster

Yesterday I had a bit of a traumatic day... to start with the weather was horrendous, it poured down ALL day! BUT that was just the start of it! About 10am I'm just about to get in the shower after settling little one in her play pen and I hear a HUGE BANG outside! So I shove my dressing gown on and race to see what's going on only to find that a car had CRASHED INTO MY WALL/GATE... OMG!!! No other car there, just the one so my immediate thought was that the driver had passed out at the wheel...I race outside, in my dressing gown (which incidentally is the same as Whitney's on East Enders) ready to call the ambulance or pompiers as they do in France BUT there's no one in the car!!! Then I see a man come out of the neighbours house shouting MERDE MERDE MERDE! OH??? Basically the car was his and he'd park up the street on the opposite side of the road, and FORGOT to put his handbake on! Like you do of course! The car had rolled across the road (the road is on a slight slope) and crashed straight into my gate! So the damage is quite a bit, lets just say that the wall has been pushed into the garden and the gate is wedged shut between two crumbling pillars! Now if that wasn't enough for one day my iphone decides it's had enough and goes off in the afternoon, does a strange lightshow on the screen and then completely dies!!! WHAT?! So I spent all evening trying to get it to work again...after much searching it's back on but the screen is flickering all the time so not sure what's going on there! A day to forget, I can tell you!

OK, onto my creation, today I'm sharing this cute, Little Green Monster card...the adorable digital stamp is called Lil' Monster and is from the Pollycraft Swings 'n Slides collection, available from Little Miss Muffet Stamps...
As usual I've kept it CAS...not even any pearls or gems on this one!!! BUT... couldn't forget the doodling! The polka dot paper is a digi, the sentiment printed from the PC. It's been ages since I used ribbon on my cards, so I thought I'd add a tad here... otherwise my card was too CAS! If you would like to see more inspiration from Little Miss Muffet Stamps then make sure to pop by our Facebook or Pinterest pages!


Carol S. said...

What a day to forget!!! OMG!! Thank goodness no one was hurt. As for your card, he's a cutie and love his hat! A lovely card for any little boy. Have a lovely and safe weekend. Hugs, Carol S.xx

Faye Wynn-Jones said...

Oh Minxie what a day. Thanks heavens you are all safe though. Hope the house and phone are fixed without trouble.

Totally LOVE this cutie xx

debby4000 said...

Adorable, fabulous card.

Karen said...

Oh sweetie!! Sebding huggles your way.
Your card is superb!xx

Melissa said...

OMG what a dramatic and scary day for you.
So glad to hear that no one was hurt.
Love your card.

Catherine said...

Such a shame for your gate and the wall ! Hope your neighbour will sort it out soon ! Your card is adorable Shelly ! Such a sweet image... Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

Janice W. said...

So sorry to hear about the damage to your gate. Thankfully no one was injured. Love your adorable card though! Hugs, Janice