Monday, 4 August 2008

You just can't keep me away!

Already been on holiday a week so started to miss my blogging pals, but luckily brought the laptop with me and got online! You just can't keep me away! It's definately very addictive! Speaking of addictions, I've spend another small fortune on craft materials since being back in the uk (I'm so deprived in France he he). I know I shouldn't, and I need crafty stuff like a hole in the head, but I can't help it! Does anyone have a cure?


katy said...

Nope!! lol,hope you're well Shelly,it's a shame you didnt pop in when you were passing by xx

ella bella said...

hope your having a lovely time Shelly,all the shopping sounds great cant wait to see what you make with it all
Tracy x

ella bella said...

me again!! lol there is something for you on my blog.
Tracy x

Holly said...

Hi Shelly hope you are having a lovely holiday, there is something for you on my blog
Holly xxx