Thursday, 22 May 2014

Baby's Room Update...

Hiya peeps!

You've probably all lost interest in my blog by now, I'm not doing any crafting at the moment. I have got some pictures to share with you though... we've been busy doing baby's room, it's not quite finished, but my Dad came over and did all the decorating (We went for white & grey), so it's just the finishing touches to do really. Here's a sneak peek so far...
I made a quilt and some bunting for baby's room, here's a few close ups...

Quilt and Bunting (I love this pretty cotton material, it's from Dunelm/Yorkshire Trading... and it can be 'boy' or 'girl')
The Bunting
The Quilt (front and back)
There are some fab tutorials on the net for making quilts/bunting... and it didn't take that long to make these (and I'm a beginner really). The bunting was really simple to do, and I think it looks quite cute!

The room isn't totally finished, we have the crib to add and a few more things... I'll take a few pictures when all is done so you can see it all finished. Hopefully I'll be back crafting/blogging soon too! 

I'm now almost 33 weeks pregnant, and my baby bump is definately growing. I had a scan last week, all ok except that baby is breech!!! I have some excercises to do to encourage baby to turn head down... if not it'll be a programmed C-Section delivery. I'm keeping all fingers crossed that baby decides to turn! Has anyone had any experience of baby turning late on? I see my doctor mid-June so baby needs to turn before! 

Thanks for popping by today! And thanks for not losing interest in my blog, for those who are here LOL :)

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A Little Update...

Hello peeps!

Ok, so it's been a while! Maybe you're wondering what's happened to me (I am wondering what's happened to me)... well just to keep you in the loop... I'm now fast approaching my 8th month of pregnancy and am starting to feel tired... VERY TIRED! Baby is moving and kicking, especially at night, so I don't always get the sleep I need. We have also started re-organising the house in preparation for baby. My Dad recently decorated the spare room for little one's arrival (I'll take some pics and post them on here soon), so everything that was in the spare room (well junk room) is now piled high in my craft room!!! I can't even get into my craft room for boxes and boxes of STUFF! Grrr! This is why I have not been able to make anything lately, well not cards anyway. I did make a baby quilt and some bunting for baby's room, I'll have to take a picture of that too, so be back soon with another update! Thanks for popping by xx